I’m sorry. I know you’re reading this so I thought this is how I could say goodbye. The proper way.

I’m so sorry I lead you on like that. I didn’t stop you when you kissed me. I told you I liked you. Please don’t think I was lying. I do like you. You’re an amazing person that anyone would be lucky to have. But like I said, we have bad timing. I can’t lose him; he means so much to me. I can’t let him go … and I hope you understand. I’m just so sorry that you had to figure this out after I had encouraged you.

Mostly, I am sorry that we can’t regain our friendship. I loved talking to you and joking around with you. We lost that the moment you kissed me. I don’t blame you; it felt like we kind of had to figure things out. And I’m sorry it ended with you having a broken heart.

I realize I can’t make it right no matter how hard I try. I have lost you forever, and that really hurts me. I care about you a lot. I never wanted you to get hurt … and I especially don’t want you to hurt yourself. Please don’t do something reckless due to me. I’m not worth it.

Don’t fade away. We’ll never be the same again, but I don’t want you to forget how much fun we had. You said I made you very happy. Look at my song; you make me happy too. But in the end, I couldn’t run away with you. Life is complicated. Feelings are complicated. I’m complicated. Remember when you said you would hurt me? You were wrong. You did hurt me a bit, but I already forgive you. It was me who hurt you, and I’m so sorry for that. I never wanted it to end like this. I never wanted to hurt you.

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